Deer Creek Cabin

Authentic 1829 Cabin
Pioneer Arts & Crafts
Handicap Access
Mini-General Store
Day trips
Local History

Log Cabin Tours


Students may participate in the following

  1. View beaver dam on Roberts Creek near the McCulloch farm
  2. Observe how logs of cabin fit together
  3. Climb ladder to loft in cabin
  4. Help put chinking in between logs
  5. Locate edibles once used by pioneers
  6. Eat refreshments from covered wagon
  7. Rediscover site of foundation where Jesse James ate a meal
  8. Walk on road where Jesse James traveled
  9. Dip candles, churn butter, grind corn/coffee
  10. Optional: horse cart rides, Parental permission sheet

Donation-$3, plus souvenir money


5623 SW 228th
Plattsburg, MO 64477